Meet Your Guides

Carlyn Morris is the founder and CAO (Chief Adventure Officer) of Back to Wild Adventures. 

Back to Wild Adventures is an outdoor company focused on empowering women in the outdoors to bring that confidence back to the biggest adventure of all – real life. 

Carlyn is a country girl turned city girl turned country girl again. Her adventures have led her from Texas to Chicago and now Michigan to live. Born and raised in Texas, she spent her childhood camping, hiking, and fishing. 

Carlyn’s biggest adventures include hiking most of the Great Smoky Mountains, Angels Landing in Zion, and the Precipice in Acadia National Park. She has been flyfishing in the White River in Arkansas, the Colorado River, and the Smokey Mountains. She has camped across Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and Minnesota. Carlyn is a champion of all women to join her in the outdoors regardless of size, race, sexual orientation, age, shape, or gender identification. 

Every BODY is Welcome in the Outdoors

Heather Zigler is an experienced International Tour Guide who has led women to far away regions on the planet including; Belize, Patagonia, New Zealand and Antarctica.

An outdoor guide, backpacker, nature-based mentor, and storytelling goddess. She is a facilitator for those seeking a different truth and a greater meaning. Sharing her deeply personal experience of how she overcame obstacles to accomplish her dreams. 

She is here to humbly use, and share, her passion for bold adventure and the wisdom she has gained through worldly experiences and reflection.

Heather creates a strong, compassionate, loving environment that facilitates deep healing and sacred connection to the wilderness.

Every woman can open up, be real and reimagine herself while finding a new community of friends.

Her mission is to open minds to new discoveries and inspire others to live their truest most authentic lives.