You Are Right Where You Are.

Precipice view
Carlyn looks out over a forest vista during a Wildling outing.

Read that title again. 

And again, because it is true no matter which word you emphasize.

These are the words that Regena Thomshauer, a.k.a. “Mama Gena,” told a Mastery Class of 900 women that I attended in 2019. These words blew me out of my shoes.  This simple, yet profound, truth bomb sticks with a person. It certainly did with me.

I am sharing it with my Wildlings because I still hear so many women say they are “too overweight” or “not in shape” enough to hike. If that sounds like you, Wildling, this Adventure Story is for you.

As women, we are bombarded by images and instructions on how we should present to the world – how to look (and also how NOT to look), how to behave (that we should behave), how to speak (WHEN to speak). It’s all so god-awful exhausting! But I’m one of the lucky ones. It might have taken me 49 years to shake all that off, but I did. I made the decision that I too am right where I am. 

So, let’s start right there…here. When I made up my mind to love myself, I set one physical goal: TO MOVE. The world is a giant, wonderful adventure in the mystery and magic of the Universe. You, WE deserve to experience it, no matter your size/shape/fitness level. And you CAN.

Let’s break it down on how you can prepare to hit the trails this summer:

STEP 1: Put on your hiking boots or shoes. That’s it for today. YAY! If you have to do this for a single day, a week, or for however long, you’ve taken the first step (philosophically, if not literally). I’m celebrating you, girl. 

STEP 2: Walk to the end of your driveway. (All the country girls just groaned. LOL) Now that’s plenty. You got up, got ready, and went out. HOORAY! You may laugh at the short-distance goal, but this last year put Hurt inside a lot of people. I make it my mission to meet everyone where they are because they are right and right where they are. Repeat the driveway walk for a few days and clap for yourself as you build a habit. I’m clapping with you.

STEP 3: Walk to your neighbor’s house, then add another house, and another as you build strength and confidence. Whether it takes you 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes, remember to move. Repeat this every day and your joints and heart and head will thank you. It takes 3 weeks to create a habit.  Don’t give up, y’all.

 STEP 4: Come out and hike with me. Yesssss! But know you can start immediately hiking with me. All of our hikes are for people of all body types and ability levels. The above is a very simple method I share with friends with the one goal: MOVE.

That’s it. It’s all on your timeline. 

You hike your hike.

You don’t have to be an Ironman or a Mountain Mama to enjoy a hike. (Re)connecting with Mother Nature will leave you feeling exhilarated and renewed, I promise. Go into the woods and breathe the earthy air. Be embraced by the green of the life around you. Let speckles of sunlight tickle your cheeks. Back to Wild Adventures has hikes for all – long or short, flat or hilly, nearby or destination. Treat yourself to something that will stretch your comfort zone in all the right ways. Remember, the goal is to move.

I will continue to share strength and agility movements that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Share your wins with us on Facebook, and your journey could be featured here as inspiration to others.  

Y’all Stay Wild.

– Carlyn