Mexican Jungle - Portal to my
7-year-old self

Carlyn having the time of her life on an ATV.

I am here to tell y’all if you want to set your inner Wildling free, you need to get yourself on an ATV and ride through the mud in a jungle. Trust. 

This is the origin story for Back to Wild Adventures.

On a week-long, Mexico trip attending the Creation Course by Regena Thomshauer (Mama Gena), there was one day set aside for “Choose Your Own Adventure.” I am, at my core, a country girl (even though I’d been citified over the last few years), so I picked as many thrills as I could pack into one day: ziplines, cave dives, and ATV rides.

ALL of it was fun and made me feel wild and alive. But there is something about controlling that powerful motor and setting your own course at top speed, hair and mud flying… it was exhilarating. Right then and there, my inner 7-year-old bubbled up in laughter and hollers. I felt FREE. It was as if a portal to my true self had opened, and I knew she was meant for something bigger.

That authentic confidence seed, once planted in my imagination, kept sprouting. I was so used to my self-doubt ‘pulling weeds’ that I darn near threw the thing away! After several months, and much encouragement from my coach, Stacy Kellogg, my next adventure came into focus – a purpose to help others, especially women, go ‘into the woods’ (not just literally) to free themselves, to find their strength, to reconnect with their child-like joy, and then, to bring that adventurous, confident, the whole self-back into their everyday. 

Et voilà, Back to Wild was born and I am STILL laughing and hollering.

What about you, Wildling? Are you stuck ‘pulling weeds’ or are you ready to grow like wild? Leave a comment on Facebook and let us know!

Y’all stay wild. And keep hollering.


Yes, these are photos from the mud ride in Mexico!