What is a Wildling?

Put simply, a Wildling is someone who loves hanging out in nature and isn’t afraid to have a little adventure. 

Our community is full of Wildlings, and our goal is to bring more of them with us on our journeys.

Below, you can read some stories about HOW you can live as a Wildling.

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Live As A Wilding

Wildlings want to get stronger; emotionally, physically, or both! Here are some stories of strength building.

Defend Joints

You can’t be adventurous if your joints hurt all day.

These stories are coming soon! 

Low Impact

Move — Move — Move

Pain Prevention

Injury Prevention

Stretch FFS (For F*** Sake)

Seriously. It’s so important. 

There’s not much worse than pulling a hammy halfway up a mountain. Well, there’s a few things worse, but pulling a hammy really sucks.


These stories are coming soon!


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