Holiday Steals and Deals - Our Favorite Sites and Gear

Best gift ideas for your adventure person
Get the gifts your adventure lover wants.

People often ask me about my outdoor gear for hiking and camping and I love to share all my tips and tricks for getting top of the line gear at the best prices. Never pay retail as these websites and brands always have the best deals.

If you are looking for unique ideas for your outdoorsperson this year, I’ve included some fun “gifty” ideas I found. Take a look and let us know if we missed any of your favorite sales of the season. Head over to the Back to Wild Adventures Facebook Page and drop us a line.

Here are a few of our favorite things.


Let’s start with these discount sites. You can shop during the holidays or year-round for anything you need. Here are my favorites:

All of these offer a plethora of outdoor gear at amazing prices. I also discovered a new outdoor brand Stoic on I have a Stoic ¼” zip outer layer and love it as much as I do my North Face ones.



The first thing every adventurer needs is a good pair of winter boots. I have been a loyal fan of Columbia boots for over 10 years. And now is the best time to shop their Holiday Sale starting today. Here are some boots and shoes we are loving this season.

After 3 years, I finally ordered the Women’s Powderhouse Titanium Omni-Heat™ 3D OutDry™ BootI have been waiting for Columbia to put them on sale. I have wanted a pair that is taller and not heavy. I plan on hiking and snow shoeing in them this winter. With 600 grams of insulation, I am confident they will hold up to the Michigan winter. I will report back once I give them a spin.

If the Titanium’s aren’t your favorite, I also recommend the Women’s
Artic Trip™ Omni-Heat™ Boot
or the Women’s Bugaboot™ III Boot. Over the past 10+ years I have owned both of these boots and they have served me well be it shoveling snow in Chicago or snow shoeing in Michigan. They kept my feet warm (with 200 grams of insulation) and dry. Plus, I didn’t feel like I was lugging heavy concrete on my feet because they are so lightweight. A heavy boot can quickly cause fatigue and exhaustion during outdoor adventurers.

I give the same advice about snow boots as I do with hiking boots. Try them on and once you find a brand that works for you, stay loyal.

And for those days that don’t require boots I love, love, love these Columbia
fleece lined sneakers.
In fact, I bought a “back-up pair” last year because they are so warm and comfortable. Now they have new colors and I’m contemplating another “back-up” pair. A quote from a friend who always has cold feet; “I will never wear any other shoe again from October through May.”



If you plan on spending any amount of time outside this winter be it walking the dog or winter hiking you will love these Eddie Bauer Pro Flex Lined Jogger Pants. I just bought my second pair after wearing my first pair all last winter. Think waterproof, windproof, lined sweatpants. It doesn’t get more comfortable than that. I wore them cross-country skiing with a base layer underneath and stayed warm and dry. They are also super cozy for lazy days on the couch watching movies. Get them soon as they are on-sale and will sell out.

Speaking of base layers, I am a huge fan of the 32 Degree’s brand. I bought my first set on a whim because they were on sale at Costco. Be it skiing or snow hiking, I can work up a sweat and know I will stay warm and dry as the material wickets away all moisture. There is no need to spend $50 on silk base layers when these are $7-$15 and work just as well.



If your outdoorsperson is set with all the gear they need this season here are some fun gift ideas and stocking stuffers that are on my list.

Wool socks are the best gift ever. I know my friends and family are tired of hearing me preach the benefits of wool socks but honestly, they are the BEST. They wicket away moisture (no more stinky feet), provide support and keep your feet warm and cool depending on the season. I have fallen in love with Darn Tough socks as my favorite. I have been lucky to get them on sale at REI with the added benefit that I can wear a kids size large because I have small feet.

America the Beautiful Park Pass is good for a full year and grants you access to over 100 recreation areas and parks across the U.S. If you or the adventurer on your list are planning any adventures to the parks this year this is a MUST buy. 

Get out there and enjoy the parks.

An subscription is perfect for the adventurer who is constantly searching for new trails and parks to explore. I use this site on a weekly basis to plan out new adventures around Michigan or wherever I’m traveling.

National Parks posters are perfect for the explorer who wants to visit all the National Parks in their lifetime. (Me.) Plus you are supporting the parks with your purchase.

Base Camp Cards caught my eye from a social media ad. Drop these in your adventurer persons stocking for lots of fun around the campfire.

Paw Print DIY Ornaments are perfect for the outdoorsperson who has a four-legged side kick. These kits look easy and cute.

And speaking of four-legged adventure partners, my cats Cash Carter and Roxie Jolene have asked for this Tiny Tent from Santa. Here’s hoping they are on the Nice List.

These are just a few of my favorite things. If you need any other recommendations or advice, please post on the Facebook page or email I am happy to assist you in any way I can.



Y’all have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.