Gifts for the Adventurer
on Your List

(Sing to the tune These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…)

New boots for hiking and cider for drinking

A wild woman’s trip and new books for reading

National Park Passes tied with strings

These are a few of my favorite things 

It’s that time of the year when all the best gear is at the best prices. I know it can feel overwhelming. If you are an adventurer like me, make a list of your MUST HAVES and start there. Share that list with your friends and family. Be sure to include the links so they can click and buy. I do this for my mom and it makes her life, and mine, a lot easier.

Luckily this year I am pretty caught up with what I need. But if you have an adventurer on your list and need a place to start, I have a quick list mixed with necessities and fun “gifty” items that serve a purpose at the campground or on the trail.

1.) Wild Women and Wildflower’s Retreats in the Smoky Mountains I am very excited to be offering two retreats in April in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Starting today you can enter the code HOLIDAY and save $100 off the trip or get FREE Gear Rental. The pricing is available through Sunday, November 27 at midnight EST. 

I have partnered with fellow Michigander and outdoor adventure guide, Heather Zigler for both weekends. You have a choice of either Car camping and Day Hiking, or joining us on my first Beginner Backpack Weekend. All the information is available by clicking the title or going to Trips and Retreats on the website. Let’s get Back to Wild in the Great Smoky Mountains.

 2.) National Parks Pass – This is the perfect gift for an outdoor adventurer on your list who loves visiting national parks. I have provided the link to REI to purchase. And remember, join the REI Co-op to earn money back on your purchases. You also get access to member gear and sales throughout the year before the general public. Trust me, membership is worth it.

3.) Columbia Women’s Hiking Boots –  No list of mine is complete without at least one suggestion for boots. I purchased these back in March and they have become my favorites. I know I always say that, but these are waterproof, sturdy, and lightweight. As always, I suggest you try on different brands to find your perfect fit. I consistently love all my Columbia boots.

4.) The North Face Campsite Booties – Continuing with my love of boots, I am hoping Santa brings me a pair of these. I keep reading great reviews. They are sturdy and can be worn on the drive home after a long day of hiking, or around the campfire while you make S’mores and sing campfire songs. And if you live in a colder climate like me, you can use them as house slippers as well. Santa if you’re listening I need a size 6.5-7.

5.) LL Bean Plaid Vest – This is another item on my wish list. I love the red and black buffalo plaid and have always been a fan of LL Bean clothing and gear. According to the reviews, it will keep you warm on your Fall and Spring hikes. Or use it on those sunny 45+ F temp winter days on the trail.

6.) Woolx Leggings – I treated myself to a pair of these last winter and they are the BEST leggings I have ever worn. They wicket away moisture keeping you both dry and warm on the trail or around the campfire. I wear them from October – May here in Michigan. They are worth the investment. I only wish I had a pair with pockets. POCKETS!

7.) Custom Coffee Mug – I love enamel mugs for camping. I have a couple in my camping box at all times. But now you can customize them with your name or favorite saying. If anyone is looking to get me a gift I would love a couple of these customized with Back to Wild Adventures on them.

8.) Leave Only Footprints Book – This is Connor Knighton’s account of traveling to all of the National Parks in one year. From stargazing on the “loneliest highway in Nevada to weaving a narrative that connects Cuyhoha National Park with Gates of the Artic on the same journey. This is not a guidebook to the National Parks but rather his account of his adventure through heartache and the parks. I have added this to my wish list as well. I can’t wait to dive into this adventure.

9.) City Bonfires Portable FirepitsI was given one of these as a gift last year and I love it. It’s nice to set at my outside table while enjoying a glass of wine with friends on a Spring or Fall evening. It puts out more heat than you would think. I would recommend getting a few if you are having an outdoor party. Your guests will enjoy the warm coziness they provide. I will be purchasing more for myself.

10.) Virtue Cider Subscription Club – We have all heard of craft beer and wine clubs, but now there is a cider club. I have to recommend Michigan’s Virtue Cider. I enjoy their menagerie of ciders throughout the year. They are made from Michigan apples and have no added sugar. This is the perfect gift for the “drink adventurer” on your list.

11.) Dry Guy Boot and Glove Dryer – How often have you been snow skiing and enjoyed using the boot dryers at the lodge? Now you can have one at your home. According to the reviews, it dries boots in about an hour and gloves in 10-30 minutes. I have added this to my Santa wish list too.

I hope this list is helpful. Please let us know what is on your wish list. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page. And if you purchase anything from this list please provide a review.


(Please note, I am not affiliated with any of these products and do not receive compensation for sharing them with you. They are things I have tried or want to try soon. Enjoy.