Mother and Daughter Hike and Gratitude Adventure

2.5 Hours
$50 per hiker age >15
$10 per hiker age <15

November 21: CLOSED. We invite all Mothers and Daughters to join us for a day of connection with Mother Nature and each other.

The mother and daughter relationship is unique and inspiring. Join us to build off your bond with Mother Nature and connect with each other.  We will enjoy a hike on the Scuppernong Trail that is part of the beautiful Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. Come out for this amazing hike that includes a very special Scavenger Hunt. Bring your journal as we will be incorporating our gratitude’s throughout the adventure.

We are very excited to partner with Amy Stanwood. Amy is a certified life coach whose passion is empowering women and girls to break out of society’s boxes and live out loud.  If you are at all interested in burning down the patriarchy and dancing around the flames, she’s your coach.  Find out more and follow her here: Amy Stanwood Coaching

Pricing is $50 per person 15+ and $10 for kids <15

Location: Scuppernong Trail, Wisconsin

Time: 1030am CST – 1pm CST

We do the planning and pick the trails, as well as, supply all the gear you will need.

For all of our hiking adventures we provide:

A day pack to borrow that can carry your water, snacks, and an extra layer of clothing.

An adventure pack that includes hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunscreen, and bug wipes.

A rain poncho so you can be prepared for every kind of weather.

Information and education about the trail (tips, maps, etc.)

You bring the following for the hike:

Your adventurous spirit!



Extra clothing for weather changes

Looking for something else?