Shared Adventures

Want to go with friends? Want to meet new friends? Or come be our friend.

Hike and Forest Bathing

Date: November 5

Time: 9am-Noon CST
Get your WILD ON.

Kathleen Aharoni, The Human Ecologist, will be leading us on a beautiful Forest Bathing Adventure. You don’t have to remove your clothes and you will get wet only if it rains.

Join us at Captain Daniel Wright Woods Trail, Mettawa, IL.

$57.50 per hiker

Hike and Wine

Dates: August 14

Time: 10am – 1pm CST

Cheers to adventure!

For this event, we’ve combined two of the Earth’s most perfect gifts – hiking and wine.

Why a Wine Hike? Why NOT Wine Hike? Let us toast to the wild out there and the wild inside!

August 14: Join us at Love Creek Nature Center – 9292 Huckleberry Rd #9736, Berrien Center, MI and then Lemon Creek for the wine tasting.

This event sells out so get your tickets now.

21+ only

$52.50 per hiker

Hike and Yoga

Date: September 18 and October 23

Time: 10am – 1pm CST

A Double-Dip with Mother Nature

If your spirit needs a second serving of peace and tranquility, let Hike and Yoga be your salve.

No experience is necessary to thrive in these twin sessions. Both will be taken at an easy pace, making space for you to find your centering breath and the calm that accompanies it.

Namaste outside.

Join us at Captain Daniel Wright Woods Trail, Mettawa, IL.

Map Directions.

$67.50 per hiker

Hike and Ripstix® Workout

Dates: September 10 and 

Ladies Hike Club: September 25

Time: 10am-1pm CST

Channel your inner Rockstar, Wildlings!

Mama Carlyn is always looking for new experiences and is excited to share this jammin’ adventure.

Designed for all fitness levels, Ripstix/POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up, and rockin’ out! 

After we get our hearts pumping we will enjoy a leisure hike to connect with Mother Nature and experience all trail has to offer. 

We provide the Ripstix®.

Trail TBD (<2 hours from Chicago) 

$52.50 per hiker

Hike and Watercolor

Dates: TBA Soon (Sept, Oct, and Nov)

Time: 9am – Noon CST

Art is WILD, Y’all.

This event combines creative play, mindfulness, and of course physical adventure for a transformative outdoor experience.

No hiking or painting experience is needed.

World-renowned artist Hillary Johnson helps you discover your artistic wildling, through watercolor painting.

Trail: TBA soon (<2 hours from Chicago)

$62.50 per hiker

Hike and Kayaking

Dates to be announced soon.

We are very excited to offer a hiking and kayaking adventure this summer. 

We will start the morning on the trails and getting in touch with Mother Nature. 

Afterward, we will relocate and spend the afternoon kayaking.







Pricing TBD


Ladies Sunday Hike Club

(Last Sunday of the month – different adventure themes)

Re-WILD and reconnect with your besties and nature.

Sisterhood is a destination, not a journey.

Join us for our monthly Ladies Hike Club. This hike is open to all women, those who identify as a woman, and non-binary folx.

Feeling like you want to…

  • Spend quality time with your besties
  • Regain your mental & emotional balance
  • Activate calm presence
  • Share some heartfelt laughs

But you’re not sure where to begin? We got you.

$52.50 per hiker

Custom Family Hiking Trips

Nature is the best place to recharge and reconnect. We now offer family hiking trips that provide fun for everyone. 



$52.50 per hiker age >18
$5.50 per hiker age < 18

Custom Hiking Adventure

Our classic service. Are you looking for a way to get outside for a while? Hiking and reconnecting to nature is one of the best ways to relax and relieve stress. 

We will construct a fun adventure for you and your friends, coworkers, clients, or random strangers you want to invite.

$52.50 per person

Private, Custom Adventures

Choose the event that sounds best for you!

Join me for an adventure you’re sure to brag about the next time someone asks how your weekend went.

Camping Trips

Let’s adventure for multiple days! Don’t worry, we can have different tents. 

Girls Re-Wildling Camping Weekend

Getaway the right way. Let’s retreat to the wild and find the peace of mind you’ve been craving.

Bring your bestie and come meet new friends. This will be a great weekend of connection and enjoying Mother Nature. 

We will be picking dates and locations soon. If you want to get on the list please:

Fill out the form below and Carlyn will reach out to you to discuss details

Pricing TBD based on chosen destination

Private Girls Camping Weekend

Bonfire & Bonding? Yes.

This is concierge camping. We provide the camping and hiking gear you need for a weekend in the woods. You and your girlfriends get cozy by the campfire and laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh. A healthy pour of sisterhood is just what you need.

Click on Event Details for more information or fill out the form below and Carlyn will reach out to you to discuss details.


$155 per person

Family Camping Weekend

Nature is the best place to do some family bonding. Remove the distractions of everyday life and spend some quality time together.

Everyone needs to experience sleeping under the stars (in a tent.)

We do all the work. You show up and bring your adventurous spirit.

Pricing is for 2 nights and 2 days.

Click Event Details for more information.

$340 for a family of 4. Contact us for additional pricing

Weekend Retreat

The return of our very popular weekend retreat series is on its way. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date when we pick the next weekend!

Sojourn Into The Wild

Join us on a spiritual, healing, and deeply “off-the-grid” excursion more in-depth than any other of our hiking trips. Coming soon!

Trips and Retreats

Coming Soon!

These events are not available at the moment, but will be returning to the lineup as soon as possible!