There are two types of people in the world – those who need adventure and those who don’t know they need adventure. 

Back to Wild Adventures is an outdoor company focused on building confidence and community through outdoor experiences, so you can bring that back to your everyday life. 

Outdoor activities are healing, inspiring, and connecting; they don’t have to be overwhelming. We don’t want anything to keep you from (re)claiming your ‘wild.’ So, Back to Wild Adventures provides the gear and guidance you need to hit the trail or to enjoy a camping weekend. 

In fact, we do almost all the planning and packing –  from picking appropriate trails/ campgrounds to supplying the necessary equipment to providing weather-based clothing advice – so you can simply show up and get wild. 

We offer both shared and private group adventures that are inclusive of all body shapes and experience levels. Our shared experiences include Hiking and Yoga, Hiking and Watercolor Painting, Hike and Wine, Forest Bathing, Hiking and Meditation, Family Hike and Scavenger Hunt, Joyful Movement, and Hiking and Photography

One of our most popular shared experiences is the Ladies Hike Club (last Sunday of the month). Ladies Hike Club has a different theme each month and is open to all women, those who identify as women, and non-binary folx.

Ready to soak up even more of nature’s magic? Try a weekend camping adventure! Back to Wild provides a curated experience without the hassle or expense of researching, purchasing, and packing all that expensive equipment.

Our camper questionnaire will help us pick the perfect campsite and theme for a memorable two-night adventure. Back to Wild can also plan and supply meals for up to 10 campers with custom menus and pricing ranging from beans and franks to Bordeaux and filets. Best of all? We set up and take down your campsite!


Join Us on a Hike!

Join other wildlings on guided group journeys into the great outdoors!

Our founder, Carlyn Morris is a country girl, turned city girl, turned country girl again.

With strong roots in camping, fishing and animal husbandry, this Texas native first learned the wonders of nature and the outdoors from her dad and brothers. Carlyn remembers being a young chick-a-dee, fishing the White River without a wader in site. She might have been the only one who caught a trout that day, but she soon learned that the beauty of nature and the satisfaction of a great catch isn’t free when she looked down and saw her legs turned a bright purple from the cold water. Somehow, that didn’t bother Carlyn, it only inspired her love of the great outdoors.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Don’t believe us? Just ask Carlyn. Measuring in at 5’3”, what she lacks in height she makes us for in enough personality and ambition that could fill a 10-gallon hat. After earning her degree from the prestigious University of Texas School of Advertising, she made her way to the Ad Agency Epicenter of Chicago.

Despite her ladder climbing, industry shaping, and brand building professional endeavors, Carlyn never lost her love of the outdoors.

In fact, for more than a decade, she channeled her affection for camping and nature into another passion – giving the chance to leave outsized burdens behind to kids who need it the most. Carlyn went from volunteer counselor to camp lead quickly because of her creativity and tender mothering of the kids and families who attended Birch Family Camp.

Fondly known as “Mama Carlyn,” she combined outdoorsy fun with theatrical fabulousness for a genuine escape from the heaviness the families endured living with HIV and AIDS. When that program ended, it wasn’t long until she found another way to bring kids into the woods to discover the magic of campfires and conifers as a volunteer counselor at Camp Trach Me Away. Providing a real summer camp experience to kids who live and breathe through a tracheostomy.

During her Chicago years, Carlyn expanded her own outdoor experiences, too. From climbing Angel’s Landing (Zion National Park) and The Precipice (Acadia National Park), to sea kayaking with seals in Maine, to biking/ hiking trails throughout the Midwest, a spark was lit that and that flame eventually turned into Back to Wild Adventures. In 2017, a close encounter with Bighorn Sheep on a trail in Utah can only be described as a spiritual awakening.

The proximity, the shock, the potential for injury, and finally, the spectacular departure of the sheep – one straight down the cliff, the other over the heads of seated hikers and down the cliff – remain so poignant, that her adrenaline spikes in the retelling of the adventure.

Carlyn is a fierce destroyer of limitations – both her own and those of the people she loves best.

The accomplishments and affluence of her urban circle of friends were at odds with the adamant call of the wild. Her friends, women especially, had denied themselves the soulful experiences of exploration and adventure, and she meant to do something about that.

Through age and experience comes wisdom, and Carlyn found herself in a profoundly transformative life stage. It was in this moment of truth and honesty, that she began to go “Back to Wild.” Phase I of the adventure is nearly complete – Carlyn launched the foundational hikes and outdoor experiences for her business, and relocated her life and her business to the rustic charm of Dowagiac, Michigan. Phase II will add more to her mission of escaping the world to come home to yourself. Stay connected to learn more.

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